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Top 5 lawyers in Lahore

Top 5 lawyers in Lahore

A lawyer is a person who discusses the law with different clients to help them in court. Lawyers are needed to help that all of us are equal and every human deserves equal Justice. In today’s world where it is hard to get Justice for our rights, they help us to present our case and try to bring it righteously. Lawyers can handle any case. In Lahore, we need a lot of lawyers who can help people to bring Justice and help them out, who know how to give legal advice. There are a lot of lawyers in Lahore, who are the best of all. Who can solve all your mystery. Here are some of the best lawyers in Lahore:

1. Latif khosa :

He is known as one of the known professional lawyers in Pakistan. Latin khosa is representing the Pakistan people’s party (PPP) and also  a senior advocate in the supreme court of Pakistan. He is the best in town and  well known for his hard work. Latif khosa completes his eduaction from the University of Punjab/ Government college Lahore. He is also noble by Goodwill Gold metal and hilal-e- Imtiaz. Latif khosa is a top-ranking lawyer of Pakistan. Lives in Lahore. He is the most skillful lawyer. Khosa knows how to handle any case wonderfully. Personally, one of my favorite and down-to-earth. He deals kindly with every client.

2. Abdul Hameed Rana :

Hameed is also an advocate in the supreme court of Pakistan. He collects the keywords and collects all the information of any case. Held any case with patience and close attention. His educational career is from the Punjab University of Lahore. He is also an expert in speaking multiple languages. Did an excellent job in his career.

3. Aameer Raza A.khan :

He is the most senior advocate in the Supreme Court of Pakistan Ameer Raza is also a professor at Lahore University of management science (LUMS). He knows how to handle the case professionally. His passion shows how devoted he is to his work. Also a member of high court Lahore. Due to senior lawyer, he has a lot of connections in court and has more experience. He is doing an outstanding job.

4. Naseer Ahmed Bhutta :

Belongs to a well-known bhutta family in Lahore. He is the master in his work and deals with his clients in such a nice way.  Ahmed bhutta also worked with the prime minister and president in their legal affairs. He did such an amazing job. More experienced and also did work in the Supreme Court. He is trustworthy and everyone knows how calm he is and how easily accessible. Always remains cool and deals in such a Good manner.

5. Abdul Razaq Mirza:

He started his career in May 1998. He is white-collar. One of the top paid lawyers. He is also an advocate in the high court. Decently manages all his cases. He provides his services in copyrights, family laws, documentation, and a lot more. Ideal for any of your cases. He knows how to collect all the information of any case. We are proud that we are having such a great lawyer in our community. He did his bachelor’s from the University of Punjab. We feel like he gives respect to his clients. He is kind-hearted. Abdul Razzaq is a very hardworking and devoted lawyer. Well known for his passion for his work.



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