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M459 Manhattan International High School

M459 Manhattan International High School


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  • History of The Manhattan International High School
  • The Manhattan International High School (MIHS) was founded in 1993 as an alternative high school dedicated to serving recently arrived limited English proficient students. Our program, founded by Mr. William Ling, came under the aegis of the Coalition of Essential Schools (CES) and was supported by our sister school, The International High School at LaGuardia Community College. Similar in size and philosophy to all other Coalition schools and the International High School, MIHS is a small learning community of approximately three hundred and twenty students.
  • It is a place where collaboration among faculty and students, respect for all cultures and ethnicities, academic honesty, and performance-based assessment of student work over time are expected and valued.
  • The school was originally “hothoused” at P.S. 126 in Community School District 2 and then moved to the Julia Richman Education Complex in April 1994.

    The story of our school is exemplified by the story of our current Principal, Gladys Rodriguez, who arrived in this country at the age of 13 speaking no English.

  • She attended the first of the schools in what became the Internationals Network for Public schools, and eventually went on to be the Principal of our school.
  • It is this sort of mobility that we seek for our students; we take seriously that most of their parents have made tremendous sacrifices, in part to attain the education that we are offering
  • . Our students find a home with us where they learn English through content classes while also assimilating to a new culture, all in an environment where expectations are high, but supports are provided and no one needs to feel self-conscious about their emerging language skills. As new immigrants, our students must learn both content and English simultaneously, while also acclimating to a new culture. External internships and technology access (which they often do not have at home) are essential tools for their success in college and the world of work.


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