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Kensington Dental And Implant Centre Islamabad

Kensington Dental And Implant Centre Islamabad


Product Description

  • Dentistry in the U. K has evolved from dentist centered system to patient centered care, a system that revolves around the patient. Effective care is generally defined by the patient rather than the dentist dependent tools or standards. At Kensington Dental & Implant Centre we aim at providing the same services to our patients in Islamabad.
  • Our Dentists are working both in England and Pakistan to ensure these standards are always met. From routine dental care to complex restorative and dental implant procedures, we provide all under one roof in the center of Islamabad. Our panel of specialists and associates are practicing ethical dentistry with state of the art equipment and materials at a competitive rate.


  • Emergency Care
  • Checkup & Clean
  • Root Canals
  • Implants
  • Orthopatic
  • Kids Dentistry


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