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Dr. Mukesh C. Jain, MD

Dr. Mukesh C. Jain, MD


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  • About Dr. Mukesh C. Jain, Cardiologist
    Dr. Mukesh C. Jain brings over three decades of experience and a commitment to compassionate and respectful care to his cardiology practice. Patients first come to him for his clinical talent, but they learn to rely on him for his patience, kindness and understanding. He’s dedicated to answering all their questions and developing individualized care plans patients feel great about.


    Where as arterial blockages cause immediate, severe chest pain, heart failure is a chronic condition – a more long-term deterioration where the heart fails to adequately pump oxygenated blood to the rest of the body.
  • There are several interventions and surgical options for patients suffering from heart failure – and anything Dr. Jain doesn’t perform himself, he can refer patients to skilled sub specialists for. Over his years in practice, Dr. Jain has built a network of excellent, skilled colleagues who can take care of his patients and help restore their quality of life.


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