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Criminal Defense Lawyer of Chicago

Criminal Defense Lawyer of Chicago


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  • When I was looking for a Chicago defense lawyer to help me with an Illinois DUI, I wasn’t sure about what defense attorney in Chicago would be the best pick. I had a couple of friends talk to me about Aaron, but they had to do with high profile crimes that needed a good lawyer. Honestly, I thought that Aaron might be out of my league. Actually, he was pretty reasonable and even if he wasn’t, it would have been well worth it. He knew the right questions to ask and knew the best ways for a Criminal Defense lawyer in Chicago to approach the case. I hope I never have to use him again.


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  • CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWDomestic Battery with an Order of Protection
  • Battery Charges in Illinois
  • Delivery and Manufacturing of a Controlled Substance
  • Motion to Suppress Evidence
  • Unlawful Use of a Weapon


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