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Best Security Company in Oregon

Best Security Company in Oregon


Product Description

Back in 1997, we protected the people, assets and guests of our first client. Our services are always customer-centered, family-oriented and value-added up to the present. We constantly innovate, though, never neglecting technological advancement to help us improve our services even more, based on the demands of time. Our relentless, continuous and dedicated style of giving protection and safety to our clients is evident these days.

Our goal since day one has been to protect the interests of our clients first, at all cost, and with zeal and commitment. What else? We listen to the suggestions of our clients, as always.

Today, Cascade Enforcement Agency is taking the lead in the public safety and enforcement industry in Oregon and Washington area markets

We are a family- owned and operated company based in Beaverton, Oregon. Cascade Enforcement Agency offers you the latest in security technology and practices and a complete range of security services including response services, alarm response, on-site agents as well as virtual agents and emergency responder services. We serve many types of clients, including apartment complexes, corporate offices, shopping centers, stores, private residences, school districts and more!


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