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How To Fix The White Screen of Death Error in WordPress with These Simple Steps

How To Fix The White Screen of Death Error in WordPress with These Simple Steps

Errors inevitably occur when browsing the internet or managing a site. But knowing how to effectively troubleshoot from errors can help make the most out of minor setbacks.

One of the many unpleasant issues facing a WordPress website is the White Screen of Death (WSOD). This annoyance requires an immediate solution to get your site back online.

The White Screen of Death can be fixed by following the recommended checklist and using the appropriate tools. If you wish to troubleshoot this error on your own, follow along as I demonstrate several effective ways of fixing the White Screen of Death that could stop WordPress websites from functioning properly.

What Causes The White Screen Of Death?

There is no specific cause of the White Screen of Death error; however, it usually happens due to PHP errors, memory limit issues, or database errors. Figuring out the root cause is not straightforward.

Quick fix: problems with plugins and themes. When you have exceeded your server’s PHP memory limit, WSoD can appear due to an unresponsive script. You may also see the interface when a site is hosted by a third party service provider.

However, you cannot avoid this error. So, in the next section we’ll review how to fix this error.

How To Fix The WordPress White Screen of Death Error With 3 Methods

Here’s how to get around the WordPress White Screen of Death error.

1. Check for Server Availability

This tool is used to determine whether the server is unavailable or the website is “down.”

You can overcome server downtime by getting in touch with your hosting provider to fix the issue. Managed cloud hosting platforms like Cloudways allow you to reduce the time it takes to get a server restored.

2. Enabling Debug Mode

The next fix could be to log on to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to “Tools” > “Debug Mode” in order to debug the white screen of death.

To enable the debug mode on your WordPress site, you need to access the wp-config file either through your CPanel or via SFTP. You can access this file either by logging in to your hosting space or by connecting to it via FileZilla (or a similar FTP client).

View the content of whatever text file you have open:

  • True to false change
  • Save changes and upload updated files.
  • Once again, enter the screen and flow through it.
  • DATABASE ERROR landing you on the white screen of death.
  • Normally, writers might write something like “XYZ

3. Clean your browser’s cache

Clearing the browser cache sometimes solves the problem. Websites use browser caching to improve user experience, and to speed up browsing. However, over time, cookies and cached data become obsolete, resulting in a cluttered browser cache.

To resolve this issue, simply go to your browser’s settings and clear the cache of your specific website by going to all cookies and site data: [Chrome://settings/siteData?search=cookie].

If you wish to clear the browser’s cookies and cache, go to the History tab in Chrome, click “Clear browsing data,” select “Basic or Advanced,” select the time range, and click “Clear data.”

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