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Honest Look at Speed & Uptime With The Bluehost Review 2022

Honest Look at Speed & Uptime With The Bluehost Review 2022

Bluehost has been running since 2003 and established itself as an outstanding hosting service. Here are a few features I’ve looked at that might help you decide if Bluehost is right for your website needs.

Bluehost has been in the website hosting and domain registration industry long enough to possess the perfect task of providing world class and reliable web solutions to their clients, at reasonable costs. Their easy-to-use registration procedure and customer support are three of the countless reasons why Bluehost enjoys such trustiness and adoration by its customers from all over the world. One more reason why Bluehost is the most well-liked and preferred hosting destination is the extensive approach of web hosting services it offers to its clients.

Bluehost – Comparing Plans And Pricing

Bluehost offers 4 different hosting options. The most affordable is Basic for $2.95 per month. This includes 50 GB of disk space, unlimited data transfer and unlimited emails and a free domain name. You can host only one domain on this plan. Plus price is $5.45 per month which provides you with everything included in the Basic package as well as Unlimited websites hosted on the same account, also an option called Domain Privacy Site Backup – CodeGuard Basic, so again they are relatively similar with little differences between them. The 4th hosting package is Pro for $13.95 per month* which includes all features of Plus and Prime packages and it comes with a Dedicated IP address

With pricing starting at just $2.95/month and hosting features ranging from business to enterprise, Bluehost provides its users with power to host unlimited websites and domains in one account. All of their packages provide Global CDN, high performance web servers, advanced technology for Email and E-commerce Hosting and support domains parking options. Bluehost also offers a 30 day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied. Save more on hosting by using bluehost discounts.

The Perfect Shared Hosting Plan

These plans make business hosting affordable by providing an opportunity to host unlimited domains in their starter plans. They provide a range of options that are the perfect fit for small businesses. The Starter Plan provides 50GB of disk space along with an option to host 1 site on it, while the Plus Tier has unlimited sites and ADS credits, and Choice Plus offers up to unlimited sites along with your choice of CDN or SSL certificate.

With the affordable packages at Bluehost, you get all your personal needs taken care of. With addition of Domain Privacy, 2 Spam Experts and Comodo PositiveSSL to their par in the Business plan you get discounts worth a whopping $180 annually for your shared hosting solution.

Get The Best WordPress Hosting Plan For Your Site

Distinguished by its reliability and high quality, WordPress hosting is recommended on the official WordPress website. The plans are similar to other shared hosting options, but include all of the features that come with a WP server.

Getting Started With Optimised WordPress Hosting Plans

Hosting company Bluehost launched a new service for its customers called WordPress Pro (Managed WordPress Hosting). This hosting provides more features than other plans and is much more expensive. It’s special for sites running the WordPress blogging platform.

WP Pro is a well-known managed hosting service for WordPress sites. There are more than one million WordPress sites and blogs hosted by WP Pro. It can provide reliable performance for websites and web apps as its packages run on powerful VPSs.

Build Package includes Jetpack Site Analytics, basic website analytics; 100+ Free Themes for WordPress; daily scheduled backups; security features such as Malware Detection and Removal to enhance your site’s security.

Many features are included in the Grow WP package. These include Jetpack Premium, Business Review tools, videos taken with Blue Sky Ticket support and SEO.

The top-tier Managed WordPress package includes all the features of the above packages along with PayPal integration and ElasticSearch. With Jetpack Pro, your site can now have a robust social media marketing strategy attached to it.

In addition to the software, Grow and Scale offers a team of professional WordPress experts who are available 24 hours a day. This means you can get assistance from real techs with design work and questions related to how to make GrowandScale better for your blog.

Professional services comes with the term. There are three packages, but one of them is Personal and it comes with a 30 day guarantee for your money back. Package 1 has automatic plugin updates, daily backups and staging servers that enable you to design and test posts before going live with them on the Web.

Besides being highly flexible, Managed WordPress Hosting also provides amazing features and services such as world-class client service along with Phoenix Troubleshooting solution. In simple terms, this means that you get world-class support from experienced developers and their teams.

There’s no need to worry about Bluehost being the only choice for you. In fact, there are other hosts on the market such as SiteGround and InMotion with similar service benefits at much lower prices, which is something you should really consider taking advantage of.

8 Affordable VPS Hosting Plans To Pick From

Your monthly VPS Cost is in accordance with the industry-standard and will increase depending on your needs. The first plan offers 2 CPUs, while the second offers 4 and the top offers 12. VPS basic comes with 30GB of SSD storage which bumps to 120 GB at the top tier. RAM amounts are between 2 GB – 8 GB, you’ll get about 1-3GB of bandwidth on a single plan. You’ll get 1 dedicated IP address or two if you use two different providers, along with 30 days of money back guarantee.

Choosing The Right Dedicated Server Plan

You get plenty of specs with their servers. Standard servers include 4 CPU cores @ 2.3 GHz, enhanced servers include 4 CPU cores @ 2.5 GHz, and the premium server is on the same level but has 4 CPU cores @ 3.3 GHz and the top tier Premium Server offers a whopping 16 CPU cores! With storage there are only differences – standard plan comes with 5 TB storage space and premium server has 15 TB! There is also a 30 day money back guarantee on dedicated servers if you need it.

Security Features In Smart Home Devices

Bluehost offers 3 layers of anti-spam/security for your website and blog. They offer an option to filter your email, as well as showing how secure their hosting server is with a variety of ways to protect all directories.

If you need to prevent someone from visiting your website, you can use the IP blacklist feature. While you are also able to access configuration files separately with this hosting service and use SSH for secure access.

Bluehost offers one-click Cloudflare integration, boosting website speed and protection against DDOS attacks. Cloudflare blocks DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks in the background with minimal disruptions to your website.

The Importance of Reliability and Uptime

Bluehost uses a custom Linux kernel, which allows them to run their hosting business more efficiently than their peers. This platform causes each user’s resources to effectively stay on their specific computer, so they don’t have to worry about someone stealing them or bad neighbours and any information on the system being shared with an outsider.

Best Web Hosts For Site Speed And Server Response Time

When you are monitoring your site or blog performance with website monitoring tools such as Pingdom, UptimeRobot, you can actually observe how things are working best in the site. This includes images and CSS on the site, which take more time to load properly.

As a result, to know the exact response time of any server, you would use BitCatcha. One of the best things about this tool is that not only is it capable of testing response times, but it doesn’t generate any external data that would slow down the system.

Bluehost provides fast server response time in most of their given locations, including Bangalore India with a speed of 330ms, and the US with a speed of just 23ms. If you are trying to target an audience that is mostly from India, the best server response time for you would be from Bluehost.


Bluehost is an easy-to-use, trustworthy, and secure web hosting platform with tons of advantages and a lot of amazing features. With its front-end performance optimising technologies, Bluehost is able to provide professional quality hosting in a speedy time.

Plans start at $2.95 per month, with a single domain included in the price, and even includes free security certificates and custom content distribution networks, such as Akamai.

Payment Options: Bluehost has a wide variety of payment types to choose from. This includes classic card types such as debit and credit cards, bank transfers and internet banking, as well as mobile wallets, offline payments, and direct deposits into their bank account (Yes Bank and ICICI Bank).

Our servers are hosted on sites in Mumbai, London and New York, ensuring a high-speed performance for all websites.

Bluehost offers a wide range of services, from offering unlimited storage to a generous resource allowance, free domain name and the option of unlimited email and FTP. They also have dedicated servers and virtual private servers. Some key features of Bluehost.

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